Child of the Crisis Era

Calamity from the Sky

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First picture:

Crisis and the Guard Hound, playing. Lazard says he wants Crisis as his hound, thinking she’s a lab experiment of some kind.

Her dog collar. Which she pointed refuses to wear.

Lazard carrying off his ‘new hound’.

Crisis dancing a la Peanuts.

Crisis wearing a SOLDIER uniform turtleneck and making with the puppy eyes. She just wanted to try it on! Really!

Chibi Crisis drowning in paperwork. Literally.

Sleepy Crisis.

The alternative to the dog collar; a t-shirt that says ‘PROPERTY OF LAZARD’. Possessive much?

Crisis from beginning to current. Paperwork. ALL THE TIME.

Second Picture:

Close ups of Crisis’ eyes and lips.

What Crisis will be wearing to lunch with Rufus and Lazard.

"Lazard, does this look nice on me? Tee-hee."

"Yes, Crisis. It’s cute."

"Wheee!" *twirls*

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